About David Rose Publishing

Started by David Rose in 1957, David Rose Publishing company handles the composer's catalog of over 500 copyrights. "The Stripper" remains one of the most popular songs in the catalog, which also includes the theme and music from "Little House on the Prairie", "Holiday For Strings", "Our Waltz", "One Love", the music from the Red Skelton television show, the "Bonanza" series, "Highway to Heaven", and "Father Murphey" among others.

Since 1996 Angela Rose White continues to serve as administrator / chief operating officer of the company. White oversees all aspects of publishing, including royalty analysis, collections, licensing, and communication with publishers, subpublishers, and co-administrators both in and outside the United States. A large portion of the income is derived from television shows which has resulted in an experienced staff familiar with TV cues, themes, etc. and collection by the Performing Rights Societies outside the U.S.

Much of David Rose's music remains popular today. Orchestras large and small around the world still perform Rose's music. The David Rose Publishing Company offers many of David's original compositions and arrangements through its rental service. For more information on titles available please visit the rental page.